Rule 59. New Trials and Alteration or Amendment of Judgments

Rule 59.01. Motions Included

Motions to which this rule is applicable are: (1) under Rule 50.02 for judgment in accordance with a motion for a directed verdict; (2) under Rule 52.02 to amend or make additional findings of fact, whether or not an alteration of the judgment would be required if the motion is granted; (3) under Rule 59.07 for a new trial; or (4) under Rule 59.04 to alter or amend the judgment. These motions are the only motions contemplated in these rules for extending the time for taking steps in the regular appellate process. Motions to reconsider any of these motions are not authorized and will not operate to extend the time for appellate proceedings. [As amended by order entered January 31, 1984, effective August 20, 1984, by order entered January 23, 1986, effective August 1, 1986, by order entered January 28, 1993, effective July 1, 1993, by order enter December 14, 2009, effective July 1, 2010.]

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