Rule 16. Scheduling and Planning, Pretrial, and Final Pretrial Conferences and Orders

Rule 16.01. Scheduling and Planning Conferences and Orders

(1) In any action, the court may in its discretion, or upon motion of any party, conduct a conference with the attorneys for the parties and any unrepresented parties, in person or by telephone, mail, or other suitable means, and thereafter enter a scheduling order that limits the time.

(A) to join other parties and to amend the pleadings;

(B) to file and hear motions; and

(C) to complete discovery.

(2) The scheduling order also may include.

(A) the date or dates for conferences before trial, a final pretrial conference, and trial;

(B) provisions for the discovery of electronically stored information;

(C) any agreements the parties reach for asserting claims of privilege or of protection as to trial-preparation material after production, or in reference to electronically stored information; and

(D) any other matters appropriate in the circumstances of the case.

(3) In deciding the content of any scheduling order, the court shall give consideration to minimizing the time that jurors are not directly involved in the trial or deliberations. A schedule once ordered shall not be modified except by leave of the judge upon a showing of good cause.

[Amended by order filed January 31, 2003, effective July 1, 2003.]

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