Rule 62. Stay of Proceedings to Enforce a Judgment

Rule 62.02. Additional Stay on Specified Timely Motions

The execution of or any proceedings to enforce a judgment shall also be stayed pending and for 30 days after entry of any of the following orders made upon timely motion: (1) granting or denying a motion under Rule 50.02 for judgment in accordance with a motion for a directed verdict; (2) granting or denying a motion under Rule 52.02 to amend or make additional findings of fact, whether or not an alteration of the judgment would be required if the motion is granted; (3) granting or denying a motion under Rule 59.04 to alter or amend the judgment; and (4) denying a motion under Rule 59.07 for a new trial.

[As amended July 1, 1979; as amended by order entered January 28, 2000, effective July 1, 2000; and by order entered December 21, 2010, effective July 1, 2011.]

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