Rule 62. Stay of Proceedings to Enforce a Judgment

Rule 62.01. Initial Stay; Exceptions

Except as otherwise provided in this rule, no execution shall issue upon a judgment, nor shall proceedings be taken for its enforcement until the expiration of 30 days after its entry. In injunction and receivership actions, and in actions that remove a public officer as otherwise provided by law or that award, change or otherwise affect the custody of a minor child, an interlocutory or final judgment shall not be stayed after entry unless otherwise ordered by the court and upon such terms as to bond or otherwise as it deems proper to secure the other party. The party in whose favor judgment is entered may also obtain execution or take proceedings to enforce the judgment prior to expiration of the 30-day period if the party against whom judgment is entered is about fraudulently to dispose of, conceal or remove his or her property, thereby endangering satisfaction of the judgment.

[As amended July 1, 1979.]

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