Rule 5A. Facsimile Filing of Papers

Rule 5A.01. Definitions

(1) “Facsimile filing” means the facsimile transmission of an original document which is received in the original document’s entirety by the trial court clerk and filed by the clerk.

(2) “Facsimile machine” means a device capable of sending a facsimile transmission using the international standard for scanning, coding, and transmission established for Group 3 machines by the Consultative Committee of International Telegraphy and Telephone of the International Telecommunications Union in regular resolution. Any facsimile machine used to send documents to a court must send at an initial transmission speed of no less that 4800 baud and be able to generate a transmission record.

(3) “Facsimile transmission” is the transmission of a document by a system that encodes a document into electrical signals, transmits these electrical signals over a telephone line, and reconstructs the signals to print a duplicate of the original document at the receiving end.

(4) “Sender” is the person or entity sending the facsimile transmission to the court.

(5) “Transmission record” means the document printed by the sending facsimile machine stating the telephone number of the receiving machine, the number of pages sent, the transmission time and date, and an indication of any errors in transmission.

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